What ingredients are in HairVox?

HairVox harnesses the power of purely natural ingredients that work with your body not against it. No amount of harsh chemicals can beat having a healthy scalp and healthy follicles when it comes to having strong, lustrous hair that looks and feels thicker, is less prone to damage and ageing, and has a totally natural body and shine. HairVox contains all the supporting ingredients necessary to promote these optimum conditions that let the active regrowth and thickening agents do their work to their greatest possible potential.

Science has now established beyond doubt that the omega oils found in fish and some other foods are hugely beneficial to human health, not least to the skin and the carotid cells responsible for hair and nails production. HairVox acknowledges this fact and uses all-natural marine-polysaccharides obtained from oceanic sources to boost the production of the healthy oils which provide lubrication for the scalp and follicles, making hair growth shinier, thicker and stronger. Polysaccharides are the principal active ingredient in HairVox, and as a naturally derived product they have no known or reported contraindications and are entirely safe to use.

Grape Seed Extracts:
Vitamin H, or Biotin, is essential for healthy hair, and a lack of this vital B-complex vitamin has been scientifically linked to skin problems of all types – including alopecia or hair loss, which is after all basically a severe skin problem restricted to the scalp. The grape extracts used in HairVox boost the body’s natural levels of Vitamin H, helping to ensure that you find less hair in your comb after brushing and more still firmly attached to your scalp. A deficiency in Vitamin H has also been shown to be a factor in lethargy and even depression, although HairVox is not yet licensed to treat these conditions.

Amino Acids:
These are the basic building blocks of hair and hair-producing cells. HairVox specifically contains sources and precursors of two types of amino acid, L-Methionine and L-Cysteine, both of which help protect hair cells from excessive damage and provide better, more natural growth.

Rosmarin Extracts:
Rosmarin has an age-old history as a natural part of folk medicine, and as is so often the case the old ways have proven to have real substance. It is now thought that extracts of rosmarin can act as follicular stimulants, promoting stronger hair and slowing down premature hair loss. There have also been reports, as yet not fully confirmed, that rosmarin is at least to some extent effective in slowing down premature greying. In any case, the stronger follicles that HairVox promotes resist the damage and loss caused by heavy daily brushing and excessive use of common detergent-based cosmetics.

Zinc Gluconate:
Zinc plays a major role in several highly important physiological processes, and is especially important for the immune system. One clinical effect of a compromised immune system is excessive hair loss, and the zinc gluconate found in HairVox has the ability to enhance the body’s own healing and regrowth systems to both prevent follicle degeneration and strengthen the roots to promote vigorous hair regrowth at a later stage.

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